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Posted on 2024/04/03
EDIT: Crisis averted we are back online and ready to rumble. Will be updating some other smaller things though so see ya soon.
Hi! If you can somehow see this message and are wondering what happened to the other services, good question.
I switched to a different domain registar on February 22nd and the current registrar won't let me edit my DNSSEC records. I've been going back and forth waiting inbetween. Apologises to anyone who used or connected with my services.
Until I can either get the issue resolved or transfer after the waiting period is over, I can't name them. I'm really sorry.
Right now I'm working towards hosting 0x0 because I realized I'd like more opions for temp file hosting. I actually edited the CSS so you know it's very serious business.
Once again, I'm very sorry for the downtime.

Posted on 2024/18/01
Always make backups, even if it's an SSD. "But it can't happen it's brand new!" Think again bitch. That's today's lesson.
Various changes to the server have been made:

  1. Upgraded to 1TB of storage and actually made backups.
  2. Search and Translate updated.
  3. Logs will now be kept to better secure the server. See the policy changes page.