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News and Updates.

Posted on 2024/24/05
Now hosting an invite-only instance of Cytube! I may or may not host Cytube streams every other weekend. Depends on my mood.
Please ask for an invite to create a channel.
Search service has been updated as well.

Posted on 2024/02/05
Added a croc relay, check the side bar link to see instructions on how to use it.
Please be mindful of bandwidth usage since I host this for free out of my own pocket!

Posted on 2024/18/01
Always make backups, even if it's an SSD. "But it can't happen it's brand new!" Think again bitch. That's today's lesson.
Various changes to the server have been made:

  1. Upgraded to 1TB of storage and actually made backups.
  2. Search and Translate updated.
  3. Logs will now be kept to better secure the server. See the policy changes page.